About Us

Lohitha Lifesciences (pvt) Ltd is engaged in manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's) and quality intermediates. Bulk actives are critical to our success in delivering affordable products for both Domestic & International markets.

Lohitha Lifesciences (pvt) Ltd manufactures the products at the company's CGMP facility location near 80-b, J.N Pharmacity, Lankelapalem, Parwada, Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh, India.

At Lohitha Lifesciences our core values are Mutual Respect, Teamwork, Responsibility, Attitude, Innovation and Excellence.

Our Commitment is to create profitable enterprise with due respect to investors, Support the industry with quality products.

The experienced and dynamic is headed by its CMD Mr.B.Bapiraju who is 23 years (siris,nitya,alkalimetal,gulf) experienced in Pharma Industry.

The company's Factory has a total area of 2 acres of land with 20,000 sft build up area to carry out production Smoothly, Safely, and effectively. The factory premises has a very good service facility of steam, Cooling and Power.

The major issue in the industry is safety which is taken care by all necessary precautions, Equipments, and Safety procedure.